Whilst we get the full agenda ready we have put together a compact teaser agenda to show you what's in store over the 2 day festival

20 April - Festival Day 1

Keynote Plenary Session
  • Opening address: why the circular economy matters
  • How circular economy systems can boost biodiversity and speed up progress to net zero carbon
  • The role of resource efficiency in environmental policy
  • Reimagining business models to create circular systems¬†
  • Where does the circular economy fit in the esg investment scorecard?
  • How can manufacturers, designers and recyclers work together to create circular systems on a larger scale?

Dr Walter Stahel, Founder and Director, The Product-Life Institute

Niall Walker, Sustainability Manager Packaging, Global Procurement, Diageo

Adam Read, External Affairs Director, SUEZ

INNOVATION HUB - Hear rapid -fire presentations and discussions from circular economy projects around the world

Fashion Track

  • Balancing design for reuse and recycling with creative freedom
  • Case study: switching to rental sales models to support circularity
  • Reconfiguring manufacturing to use recycled materials
  • Addressing the challenges of creating new sustainable fibres with equivalent functionality

Bert Van Son, Founder & CEO, Mud Jeans

Packaging Track

  • Designing packaging and materials for recyclability
  • Creating functioning markets for recycled plastics
  • Addressing the challenges of circularity in food contact materials
  • Waste collection and management to support recycling


Edward Kosior, Managing Director, NextTek

David Newman, Managing Director, Bio-Based and Biodegradeable Industries Association

21 April - Festival Day 2

Opening Plenary Session
  • Creating circular cities
  • Developing procurement structures which enable a circular economy
  • Measuring and certifying circularity
  • How waste management systems can support circularity
  • Creating linkages: eBay case study

Wayne Hubbard, Chief Executive Officer, The London Waste and Recycling Board

Bjorn Appelqvist, Department Manager, Waste & Resources, Ramboll / Chair, ISWA Scientific and Technical Committee

Georgia Elliot-Smith, Managing Director, Element4

Duncan Baker-Brown, Climate Literacy Champion, School of Architecture & Design, University of Brighton

Dr. Jane Gilbert, Founder, Carbon Clarity

Laura Richards, Senior Business Development Manager, eBay

Adam Murray, Motor Technical Manager, Aviva

Chris Daglis, Founder & Managing Director, Auto Partnered Solutions Australia

INNOVATION HUB - Hear rapid -fire presentations and discussions from circular economy projects around the world

Food Track

  • Recovering value from food waste
  • Recovering value from agricultural residues
  • Soil fertility: overcoming the challenges of recycling nutrients
  • Creating circular food production systems in cities

Helena Appleton, Project Officer Regional Food Economy (NW), Feedback Global

Electronics Track

  • Designing products to support refurbishment and recycling
  • Creating business models for service delivery instead of unit sales
  • Creating collection and sorting systems to enable better Material recovery
  • developing materials which support longer recycling chains

Dr Sebastien Farnaud, Professor, Faculty Research Centre for Sport, Exercise and Life Sciences – Coventry University

David Spillane, Head of Mobile Strategy, Pocketworks

Ellen Wilson, Sustainability and Smart Cities Lead, Microsoft