Anne Prahl, Concept+Design

Anne Prahl is a London-based independent research and design consultant with over 25 years of experience in the global fashion and sportswear industry. Since 2009, she has been specialising in sustainable design innovation, working on a diverse range of creative projects to reduce environmental impact, enable considerate consumption and accelerate the development of a circular fashion system. Anne’s projects include design research and writing, trend forecasting & analysis, creative direction and product design and development, as well as creating unique sustainable design strategies for start-ups and global brands and retailers. In addition, she inspires designers and other industry professionals through talks, collaborative design projects, interactive workshops, mentoring and tailor-made tools. Anne co-invented and developed WRAP’s Clothing Knowledge Hub, a free online tool, which showcases initiatives, processes and technologies to reduce the environmental impact of clothing. Anne is a regular speaker at international conferences and industry events, and researches and writes to contribute to various industry publications, including Greenpeace’s ‘Fashion at the crossroads’ report (2017) and Innovation in Textiles, the leading website for the global textiles industry. Anne holds an MA in ‘Design for Textiles’ and a PhD in ‘Circular Design Innovation for textile-based, wearable sensors’ from the University of the Arts London.