Dr. Ashley Holding, Circuvate

SpecialityPrincipal Consultant

Dr. Ashley Holding is the Founder and Principal Consultant of Circuvate, a boutique consultancy focused on sustainable materials, recycling and circular innovation in the Fashion and Apparel sector. With over 10 years experience in sustainable materials and their recycling, he is recognised as an expert and has appeared in publications such as Vogue Business, Vox, Apparel Insider, Ecotextile News, and Greenbiz as an authority on textile and fashion sustainability and recycling. Circuvate currently advises stakeholders from across the fashion value chain, including early stage startups, manufacturers, NGOs and some of the world’s biggest brands on the development of circular innovations, products and eco-systems. Previously, Dr. Holding held a position as Innovation Manager at Fashion for Good, and was one of the key scientists behind the Worn Again Technologies process.