Dr Sebastien Farnaud, Coventry University

SpecialityProfessor, Faculty Research Centre for Sport, Exercise and Life Sciences
Sebastien Farnaud is Professor in Institute of health and Wellbeing at Coventry University, and Theme Lead for the Bioscience and Biotechnology Engineering in the Research Centre of Sport, Exercise and Life Sciences, where he created the Bioleaching Research Group (BRG), as part of his focus on Bioremediation. Among several projects, Sebastien is leading an innovate-funded KTP Bioleaching project, in collaboration with N2S Ltd, https://n2s.co.uk/ for the recycling of precious metals from electronic waste. The success of this cross-institute collaborative project has been supported by a number of stakeholders of the metal industry, and by DEFRA who presented the project at the launch of its Defra's e-Sustainability Alliance. Sebastien has been invited to present related results at a number of international presentations including the E-waste World summit, E-waste international day and the Industry and Parliament Trust (IPT). Over the past 20 years, he has developed his academic and research experience in several academic institutions, including Kings College London, Imperial College, the University of Westminster and Coventry University but also in the third sector as science director in a medical research charity. In addition to his interest in microbiological and biotech applications, his research expertise also includes some biomedical aspect of wellbeing, such as iron metabolism, particularly in Parkinson’s Disease, and also the development of antimicrobial peptides.