Katherine Conto, Mondelez

SpecialityPackaging Sustainability Manager - Global Procurement
Katherine is the Global Packaging Sustainability Procurement Manager at Mondelez International. She is an advocated for a more sustainable living that considers environmental, social and economic dimensions driven with tangible solutions and actions. She also believes in Sustainability leadership by leading from the future with purpose. She currently leads the innovation and sustainability agenda in Mondelez engaging our key vendors, enabling the legal and technical framework to realise the potential of internal initiatives and external partnerships. She has held several positions in the last 15 years including, Chemistry lecturer and Polymer Science researcher, several R&D Packaging development roles and Procurement in companies like Procter & Gamble and Mondelēz International. Thanks to all these roles, Kathy has been able to combine an exquisite variety of expertise from scientific research in laboratory to industrial scale technical execution, sourcing, contracting, and new partnership models execution, a full value chain perspective. Katherine holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, a Master’s degree in Polymer Science and Business Sustainability Management diploma from Cambridge University