May Al-Karooni, Globechain

SpecialityCEO & Founder
May Al-Karooni is the founder of Globechain – the largest reuse marketplace that connects enterprises to charities and SMEs to redistribute unneeded items, creating social impact (ESG) data to its members. Globechain focuses in retail, construction and hospitality and has 10,000 members and operates in UK, Spain, NYC and UAE (Partnership with the UAE Royal Family and Ministry of Climate Change / Community Development). May previously worked within the investment banking and asset management industry, fundraising monies for venture capital, property and hedge funds for the last 10 years totalling over £120 million in funds raised. In 2015 May set up Globechain after seeing a demand for a new online circular economy within the waste management industry after her own employer expressed a need to reuse items in a more collaborative way. Globechain has diverted 7,100,000 kilos from landfill with items being re distributed within the UK as well as abroad as far as Sierra Leone, Guinea, Kenya, Libya and the Ukraine providing savings of over £4,000,000 to charitable causes. Forbes top 100 Environmentalist 2020 Top 100 Meaningful Business 2020