Paul Foulkes-Arellano, Circuthon Consulting

Paul Foulkes-Arellano has worked in sustainability and innovation since 1989, having held senior positions at London's biggest agencies, including PI Global, Design Bridge & Seymourpowell. He has been a part of leadership teams from early in his career, running major global projects as well as innovation and sustainability workshops. He is a regular speaker on circularity in fashion and packaging. He is best known for zero-waste material innovation. In January 2019 Paul founded the Sustainable Design Alliance, an international alliance of sustainable design professionals working on global solutions for a healthier planet. The central activity of the alliance is an educational outreach programme with business schools in the UK and abroad. In March 2020 Paul founded Circuthon Consulting to accelerate his work on sustainability and circular economy projects across the globe. His focus is footwear, fashion and fmcg. Much of his work is mentoring businesses in manufacturing and supply chain. In the past few months Circuthon Consulting has instigated two non-profit circular initiatives: Circular Footwear Initiative and Circular Fashion Initiative. Environmentalists, campaigners, brands and suppliers meet on a regular basis to advance the topic of circularity in these verticals.