Savina Venkova, HSSMI

SpecialityCircular Economy Manager
Savina is Circular Economy Manager at HSSMI, where she has the immense pleasure of leading a team to solve circular economy challenges for manufacturers and other industrial bodies. Her pragmatic approach in combination with her passion for innovation have led her to explore the challenges in industries as diverse as electric vehicles, plastic waste, fashion, and seafood! She has also helped develop circular economy services such as the Circular Economy Bootcamps. Prior to HSSMI, her work focused on waste management in industrial contexts, hospitals, and a major UK bank with ISS Facility Services. She has also lived in 7 cities in 3 continents over the past 3 decades, which helps her understand the challenges of unique situations and stakeholders. She has a Master’s in Environment and Sustainable Development from UCL and is a chartered Resource and Waste Manager.