Matthew Gawn

Matthew is currently Market Intelligence Officer for ISB Global, a multifaceted role focusing on advising and implementing planning and the approach to growth and scale for ISB Global.
The role centres on several key aspects in the company’s operating environment based on the increased implementation and functions of ISB Global’s flagship product, Waste & Recycling One – the products technologies, software components, services, internal operations and multiple workstreams in global stakeholder engagement. The objective: driving a collaborative, digitally led circular economy from the UK.

Implementing Primary Research for Facts That Drive Technology Change:
A key aspect of Matthew’s recent work was to design and deploy primary research part funded by UKRI Innovate teams and delivered with the CIWM. The research is titled “Use and Perception of Software Technologies in the UK Waste Sector”. This comprised a comprehensive questionnaire, focus group and subsequent webinar – designed to test hypotheses and answers gathered in the first stage of the research and help alleviate bias. The report and extensive analysis are currently being compiled and due for publication very soon. Where relevant this will be referred to in the Future of Circular Economy – Going Tech! Circularities Next Frontier panel discussion.

The report findings have already started to be applied to the strategic direction of ISB Global. Matthew is also working with multiple stakeholders on a UK and global sector approach to advance the take up of software technologies, developing industry standards, the use of new and emerging technologies and attracting investment into the sector. All to support the transition to a digitally driven circular economy.

Target for Sector Technology Change, Growth & Leadership:
Matthew’s near-term objectives are to apply the analysis of the CIWM Research to the strategic direction of ISB Global and the scale-up of Waste & Recycling One. This also involves working with a variety of stakeholders to drive digital transformation in the industry sector, aiding the take up software technologies and ensuring the UK leads in technology, productivity and an efficient, sustainable waste resources sector, transitioning to a circular economy that the rest of the world looks to for inspiration and leadership.

Career History in Marketing, Technology, Start & Scale Ups:
Matthew is a post graduate in marketing (CIM) and has extensive experience in start and scale up businesses. He has worked across multiple industry sectors predominantly in technology and software implementation, marketing and marketing strategy.

He has been working for ISB Global for 15 years and has helped the business scale by leading presales, sales and marketing activities focused on the implementation of Waste & Recycling One.

The journey with ISB Global includes working with a German partner as project consultant. Implementing SAP, terminal automation systems, logistics and transport solutions for the UK’s largest supermarket’s fuel business, the world’s largest terminal operator and terminal in the UK. Additionally, with the world’s largest environmental services company on their flagship Waste to Energy plant.

Thankfully the sustainability revolution is here, however this commodities and logistics experience has served Matthew and ISB Global well and helped design the first UK deployed SmartBin (BinLogix) solution in the UK, for example. The team continues to work on revolutionary innovations designed to create efficiencies, productivity, new business models and integrated, whole systems thinking throughout the supply loop with a focus on waste resources materials management.

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