Neelam Melwani

Neelam works across both public and private sectors to shape resource efficiency and circular economy opportunities and strategies; enhance material traceability and supply chain transparency; address scope 3 emissions; and build sustainable and resilient supply chains. Since joining Deloitte, she’s helped clients develop circular economy KPIs; explore opportunities to profitably scale circular opportunities; address critical material risks; and develop stronger customer relationships based on circular economy.

Prior to joining Deloitte, Neelam was a diplomat for the Kingdom of the Netherlands focusing on climate risk, adaptation and water, and circular economy. She also worked for the Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, where she led work on the Netherlands’ multilateral environmental policy on circular economy. She was seconded to the World Economic Forum where she worked with business and governments to strengthen public-private partnership to address climate change in hard-to-abate sectors (cement, steel, chemicals) through circular opportunities.

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