Walter R. Stahel

An architect by training, an industrial analyst by compassion, a researcher in risk management to earn an exciting living, today a keynote speaker and author on sustainability and circular economy, I have always been interested in what I do not know.

The circular economy in industrialised regions is a disruptive proposal to maintain the value and utility of existing local physical assets, a ‘changer of the globalised industrial game’ creating societal resilience and a protection against disruptive events.

The performance economy sells utilisation, objects as a service or quality guarantees by exploiting the knowledge of the circular economy and extending it to new fields.

The circular industrial economy arises through a conscious decision by individuals and organisations, it differs from Nature’s circularity by evolution and business as usual.

Many of the opportunities embodied in these concepts are untapped, open to be taken. Others are viewed critically by partisans of the ‘Rentier Economy’.

If you have two minutes, read my COMMENT in Nature, 2016, a three page synthesis:!/menu/main/topColumns/topLeftColumn/pdf/531435a.pdf
Walter R. Stahel, Walter R. Stahel – Wikipedia

Walter R. Stahel is the former Head of Risk Management at the Geneva Association (Switzerland), a respected business advisor, and the founder and director of the Product-Life Institute (Geneva, Switzerland) Europe’s oldest sustainability-based consultancy and think tank founded 1982. Stahel’s pioneering research and collaborative work in the field of sustainability stretch back several decades – firmly establishing him as one of the subject’s founders.

Currently, he is visiting professor at the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences at the University of Surrey (UK) and was guest lecturer at Université de Montréal and the graduate department of Tohoku University (Japan), among many other. An alumnus of ETH, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Zurich, Switzerland), Stahel is the author of several prize-winning academic papers and pioneering books including The Limits to Certainty (1989/1993), written with Orio Giarini and published in six languages, The Performance Economy (2010) and The Circular Economy, a user’s guide (2019), translated into Italian and several other languages.

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